Pearl Harbor Survivors Authorize the Official 70th Anniversary Commemorative of the "Day of Infamy"
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Survivors Commemorate America's Tragic Attack on Hawaii 70 Years Ago!

Sunday morning, December 7th, 1941. The day that will live in infamy begins serenely. Soldiers and airman at Hickam Field are at morning mess. Sailors and marines at Pearl Harbor have light duty schedules. False alerts and training exercises over the past month have frazzled nerves and sapped morale, but fleecy clouds in the azure sky and warm Pacific sea breezes invite the men to relax and refresh themselves.

But the morning calm is deceptive. The fluffy clouds conceal a deadly danger that is already descending on the vulnerable fleet. Sailors watch in disbelief as the first torpedoes rip into the ships along Battleship Row and the first casualties fall. Then the training kicks in. Resistance builds and stiffens. Even men who have never fired a shot in anger, man machine guns and open fire. One of them, a Chaplin, utters one of the many memorable phrases of that fateful day, “Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition”.

Two hours and twenty minutes later, it is over. The Japanese planes and their pilots return to their carriers. Ahead of them a delirious Japan waits to lavish honors on them for their incredible victory. Behind them, lie a sunken fleet and a United States at war.

The attack on Pearl Harbor moved millions of Americans to enlist in the fight against tyranny. America was victorious and became more powerful than anyone could have imagined. So powerful that America was named the world’s first “Superpower” and has had a dominant role in world affairs ever since.

I have seen the Royal Hawaiian Mint’s work. And it is absolutely flawless. I encourage you to add the Official Pearl Harbor 70th anniversary commemorative to your collection. - Ken Creese, Pearl Harbor survivor

The obverse of the Official Commemorative portrays the life and death battle from the deck of the USS Nevada with the stricken USS Arizona in the background. Feel the tension as the officer points to the incoming dive-bomber as two Navy sailors struggle to return fire with a .30 caliber Browning water cooled machine gun.

The reverse features the Arizona Memorial in the center with the US flag surrounded by an outline of the Island of Oahu with Pearl Harbor. The Imperial Japanese flag is shown upside-down, symbolizing the eventual defeat after this fateful day of infamy. The legend includes the World War II battle call: REMEMBER PEARL HARBOR.

Authorized by the Pearl Harbor Survivors Association

The Pearl Harbor Survivors Association has authorized the 2011 Pearl Harbor commemorative coin to be issued from December 7, 2010 to December 7, 2011 for a “Year of Remembrance.” All orders for the Official Pearl Harbor 70th Anniversary commemorative coin will benefit the PHSA and the brave men who survived the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Please take a stand for liberty by commemorating the surprise attack that catapulted America into World War II. Order online to “Honor for those who gave their lives so that liberty shall live.”

Call Royal Hawaiian Mint at 925.786.3690 for additional info and to order by phone.

Official Pearl Harbor 70th Anniversary Commemorative

Official Pearl Harbor 70th Anniversary Commemorative

Bronze Commemorative

Measures 39mm in diameter, larger than a US silver dollar, and features the compelling battle scene from the deck of the USS Nevada as the crew returned fire in striking life-like detail. The current issue price of the Bronze Proof is only $24 each, complete with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Silver Commemorative

Proof minted, measures 39mm and contains one ounce of pure .999 fine silver. Every detail of the battle scene is captured in lasting value of precious metal as a permanent remembrance of America’s stand against tyranny. The current issue price of the Silver Proof is only $75 each, complete with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Silver & Bronze Set

Contains a Silver and a Bronze Commemorative. The Set is the perfect commemorative as both the obverse and reverse is viewable in the special two coin commemorative package. Each Pearl Harbor Commemorative is Proof minted and beautifully packaged. The current price of the Silver & Bronze Set is only $99 each, complete with a Certificate of Authenticity.